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Prices good for 2011 season
(subject to change)

Deer Skinning $12.00
Deer Skinning & Removal of Entrails $20.00
Bear Skinning $100.00
Other Skinningvaries
Deer - Cut, Deboned & Wrapped $60.00
Mule Deer Cut & Wrapped .80¢/lb.
Elk Cut & Wrapped .80¢/lb.
Bear - Cut & Wrapped
depending on size
(Based on Dried Weight)
Summer Sausage
1 lb. stick
pork added
Grind only .40¢/lb.
Grind & Wrap .75¢/lb.
Deer Ham (Cured & Smoked) $8.00
Meats(Pumped & Smoked) $15.00

Processed Meat LEFT OVER 3 Days after called
will be $1.00 per day additional charge.

All products marked Not For Sale or Not for Re-Sale.